Tend the Field

Healthcare-aligned professionals: Are you an SDR, or a sales professional responsible for hunting and closing your own B2B prospects? A sales manager of a small team, business owner, or health-related investor with a need to build a pipeline and secure entrance into top accounts? If so, and you’re looking to boost the effectiveness of your lead prospecting and lead nurturing efforts, Tend the Field may be right for you.

Tend the Field is a proven, principled prospecting system designed for younger sales teams and small to medium businesses that have been struggling to reach the right leads.

As a methodology, Tend the Field focuses on four main elements: creative and persistent list building, genuine outreach, content creation and curation, and the proper leveraging of technology.

If you want to develop relationships with the RIGHT peson, not just ANY person, Tend the Field can help. Poke around, I think you might like what you unearth. Oh, and thank you for visiting

An honest approach to selling—long in play. 

Building real relationships takes time. You can’t be friends with everyone, and not everyone wants to benefit from your products. And, that’s okay, because it doesn’t matter.

Tend the Field works because it forces you to first create a manageable list of opportunities. Then, through the use of genuine messaging, doors begin to open. Those who aren’t ready for you yet, are nurtured with information they’d benefit from even though they’re not working with you. Technology supports the entire effort, and you close sales in person and over the phone with the time is right.

It’s what the buyer wants, and it’s what you want. It’s deliberately persistent without being pushy. And, that’s what it works. Tend the Field is not right for everyone, or every business. But for the patient salesperson it will reward you with a larger, more genuine bounty of opportunities than you thought possible.

By Building Your Lead Pipeline—Research Tools

As a trained research historian, I use a host of research tools and methodologies to zero in on the right prospects for your business. Of course, I also leverage the unmatchable power of  LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and a variety of AI software platforms to drum up contact information when I create custom-designed lead lists.

By Nurturing Your Leads—Content Curation

Premium access to research databases like LexisNexis, Gartner and Bloomberg help me help you generate meaningful content and insights for your lead nurturing campaigns.

I also use a variety of publicly available, but effort-intensive research methods using to gather and vet content. Each story, brief, or white paper is always read in its entirety personally by me to ensure its worthiness.

By Helping You Harvest Your Leads—The Lead Layup

In time, this combination of sales support effort from Tend the Field, and your own efforts in your territories and on the phone, produces results. You’ll get a report once if not more than once each day while engaged with me, as well as access to my efforts on your behalf using LinkedIn, Hubspot, and (sometimes) Salesforce CRM. Everything is transparent, and all of my efforts are tracked, so that when it’s time for me to serve a lead to you, you’ve seen everything that’s happened with them to that point.

A-la Carte Offerings

Lead List Building and Auditing

Identifying good leads, is one of the most intriguing and challenging aspects of sales prospecting. Thankfully, it’s one of my favorite things to do in the world.

Because I love doing this work so much, I’ve been fortunate to create and fine-tune lead generation programs for businessess ranging from the History Channel, to heavy equipment manufacturers, to companies selling SaaS, individual solopreneurs. It takes time, resourcefulness, and a lot of deliberate, creative effort. If you want to put more of the RIGHT leads on your list than you’ve ever had before, I can help.

Content Creation and Curation

My Grandmother is perhaps most responsible for why I harp so much on lead nurturing. When I was younger, she was always clipping me interesting articles from the newspaper and sending them along in the mail. She was just being attentive to her grandson, but it taught me a valuable lesson I still hold dear: care.

If you care about your prospects and send them information that is relevant when they’re not thinking of you, they eventually will think of you when the time is right.

If you need custom content that either appeals your customer base (or appeals to their customer) you may find benefit in one of my content packages. I work on retainer for content packages for an initial engagement of forty-five days. I’m never writing for more than three clients at a time, so you have near exclusive access to me when you’re in content creation and curation mode.

If you’re pleased with the results, you’ll have the option to sign on for a six, nine or twelve month engagement. After 12 months you’ll have content for several years in repository, so you won’t need me after that. For awhile, at least! To learn more about my content creation and curation offering you can schedule a call with me any time. Get on my calendar below.

Genuine Messaging (Cold and Warm Email Copywriting)

Creating messaging that works is an artful endeavor that plays out across many interations. You write, and test, and write, and test, and write and test. Eventually you settle on some semblance of a template you can send to a wide audience. As an email copywriter, I’ve helped businesess of all stripes get attention from their emails. If you’re strong on list, but a bit weak with your messaging, drop me a line, and we can chat about helping you create emails that get the response rates you’re seeking.

Target-200 Training

If you’re interested in learning how my methodology works, and would like to do everything on your own, I’m launching a Master Class this July, 2020. In the master class you’ll get access to video and text based training. I cover everything from producing appealing graphics to managing every aspect of LinkedIn Sales Navigator, to script-writing, list building and pipeline techniques anyone can learn from. For an invitation to join us with the program launches in July, sign up below. I’ll stay in touch and will be sending invites out the first or second week of June, 2020.

Rates, How to Work with Me, and More Details on Tend the Field Service Offerings

Custom Content Basket

If you’re swimming in warm leads without a way to stay in touch outside the phone and email, you may benefit from a Tend the Field Custom Content Basket.

This is an opportunity scale your content marketing efforts in ways you might not imagine possible. In one month you will go from light on content, to banking up to two years worth of content without having to research, or write a single word.

Being a professional writer for the last twenty-five years has taught me how to research fast and thoroughly, and write with the customer in mind at a scale not many writers can match.

We’ll have an initial discovery call via Zoom conferencing to get on the same page. Then, I’ll send you between four and six articles every seven days over the course a 45 day period. At the close of 45 days, you’ll have 24 articles in hand ranging from between 500 and 800 words each (sometimes 1000)—two full years worth of content if you were to post one a month.

My articles also come with license-free photography and font-work, so the entire package you get from me will be ready for you to print and distribute, or download and email.

If you believe great content is a direct driver of business revenue, I can help you.

Your investment for two years worth of professionally researched, written and designed content is far less than the quarterly salary of a single content manager (the design professional’s salary you get to save altogether).

Your investment: $9,600 USD (an otherwise estimated $184.61 a week)

Only need one year’s worth of content? Your investment would be $5,400 USD (an otherwise estimated $103.84 a week)

To book a discovery call, and engage me to start working on your project requires a $700. “go fee” payable at the time of booking.

Lead Audit and Pipeline Refresh

You’ve got an incredible product or service you believe in, a market that wants it, and a currently lackluster closing ratio you want to boost over the next three months.

Jump on a Zoom conference call with me for an hour or two. We’ll talk about what’s working, and what’s not. In this session, I’ll be diving into your business like a consultant, or a curious journalist would… asking you all sorts of questions to get to the root of who buys what you sell, and more importantly… who doesn’t.

We’ll talk about your phone and belly-to-belly efforts, and how they’ve been panning out.We’ll cover a lot of ground in this first call, and it’ll be insightful for the two of us. Then, you’ll send me off with a list of your current top 200 suspects / prospects.

Over the course of the next ten days, I’ll perform a research and effectiveness audit on your current list, and supplement it with more enhanced data, and suggestions of up to 200 additional new leads.

A Lead Audit and Pipeline Refresh relies heavily on LinkedIn, Twitter and other lead gathering and sorting technologies, so you’ll need to have, at the very least a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account ($79.00 a month, and one of the best investments you’ll ever make).

At the close of ten business days you’ll have a new actionable lead list that will vary in size depending on your market, as well as a full custom-tailored report detailing my advice and specific actions for improving upon your outreach efforts with this new list.

Tend the Field’s hand-catered lists come with emails for as many contacts as possible, addresses, titles, LinkedIn profile information and a host of other data.

Your investment to secure your Lead Audit and Pipeline Refresh is: $3,950 USD

To book a discovery call, and engage me to start working on your project requires a $700. “go fee” payable at the time of booking.

Email Sequence Set

If you believe your list is solid, but your messaging is falling flat, you may need to work on your emails. In my experience, most sales emails come across as flat and fake—hardly the way to inspire trust and open new business relationships.

With an Email Sequence Set, you’ll get a brand new email sequence to test in the field. You have the choice of either a cold sequence or a warm sequence.

We’ll first connect in a Zoom conference session that will last about an hour. This will allow us to get on the same page with your goals, and talk about what efforts you have in place. Then, you’ll set me the sequences you’re using now. I’ll spend a week working on them and return to you either a cold or warm email sequence of anywhere up to 5 emails.

Then, test them in the field to see what works. Come back to me in a month, and we’ll revise the sequence a second time based on whatever feedback you’ve received in that time period.

A few notes about email marketing. It only stands a chance of working if you follow my advice. That may seem harsh, but it’s twenty years of sales copywriting talking… if you change the copy, it will dampen its success. If you’re afraid of long messages, it won’t work. If you don’t have a marketing CRM in place that allows you to track open rates, it won’t work. And, if your team doesn’t use the phone in support of the email campaigns it definitely won’t work.

So, as you can see, it’s tricky business. But very effective, if you stand behind the effort.

Because email marketing is by nature unpredictable from a success standpoint, this service is priced as typical direct response copywriting assignments are priced. Lower on the front end, with a residual payment on the back end. So, your investment for this package looks like this:

$700 USD Go-fee
$2000 USD copywriting fee
7% commission on sales

Happy Customers 

“There are generally a handful of people that you meet in a lifetime where you think, “Man, I’m glad that I know this person.” Doc Kane is one of those people because he has the drive and ambition to succeed, but without having to step on people as he climbs the proverbial ladder.” He isn’t one of those people that you meet who asks for something from you, or is looking to enhance his position. To the contrary, Doc will smile, put a friendly hand out, and ask, “What do you need?” And you know that this gesture is honest and sincere. — Dave Hintz, Marketing Director, Envision Networks

“Doc has been a great addition to our team—handles all assignments short or long-term with the same professionalism. Whenever we need help, he is our first call.” — Phil Clement, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Johnson Controls

“Doc was a very enthusiastic part of our team at Yale Equipment & Services. As Rental Manager I received many lead opportunites from him. He was good to work with and made each sale a positive experience.” — Victor Rivera, Sales Representative, SunBelt Rentals

“Doc Kane was a hard working employee that developed excellent relationships with his cutomers at Yale Equipment & Services. Doc is a pleasure to work with and a trustworthy individual. Doc is also very professional, intelligent and creative, making him a major asset to a company in the marketing field.” — Chris Anglewicz, Operations Director, Yale Equipment & Services

“We’ve used Doc’s firm to edit and put shine on several 100+ page research reports that our analyst firm produced over the years. To our suprise, he provided not only writing and editing expertise but also industry and subject matter knowledge we didn’t even know he had.” — Alex Nozdrin, Founder, RevenueWell

“I hired Doc as a consultant to assist in providing copy for our website (hostmark.com). He did an excellent job of fulfilling my expectations and was great to work with.” — Brian Tkac, Senior Vice President of Revenue, Hostmark Corporation

“Doc is a multi-talented individual whose success begins with his natural and quick ability to create sincere relationships with people. Across any level of the organization, Doc connects with people to build rapport and gain understanding of their needs. his ability to foll0w-through further solidifies his initial relationship foundations.” — Mark Hofstetter, Logistics Manager, The Home Depot

Need a more complete solution?

Occasionally, I’ll work very closely with a company to create a more bespoke solution. In doing so, I effectively act as the Japan wing of your company—plugging into every aspect of your sales and marketing program. As you would imagine, it is time-intensive, and requires a significant financial investment. For some small companies, however, the flexibility to have someone doing all the sales enablement and content marketing is worth the investment. All you need to do is man the phones. Like content creation, this effort begins with an initial two month commitment that can be renewed for three, and then six months, max. After that, everything sales-enablement wise should be on auto-pilot. This system works best if you have at least a one month lead time to ramp up with my services. To learn more click below.

Since this is a more complex process, there is no initial “go-rate,” but there is a discovery call fee of $250 USD. You have me for as much time as you need on this call.